Sunday, November 4, 2018

Roguing the rhubarb, and d154 update - not much else sorry

A few days of nice weather has had me out every day weeding and adding a few more drip lines ready for summer.
I had the disease tester for the potato industry out on Friday to take soil samples to test for PCN (Potato Cyst nematode), a bad potato pest. I doubt there will be any as this land has never had potatoes grown on it. I have to have it done in order to sell tubers. Next year when I can afford it I will get the full spectrum of tests done for all potato diseases.
She said that other potato growers are also having a terrible time with aphids this year, just like me. It is very unusual.

Last post I showed you the seedling 'Next Generation rhubarb that I have been growing. Yesterday I got into them and rogued out all the ones that weren't red right through the leaf stems so I only have 11 plants left.
When the plants are bigger I will go through them again and taste test them, leaving only the 5 or 6 best flavoured ones.

I really should have planted two rows to have more of a choice but I suppose since it is vegetatively propagated it doesn't matter if I end up with only a few plants to keep.

The Story of Potato Seedling D-154, Week 7

This seedling is finally starting to take off. I think that next week we will see quite a change in its size.
It hasn't fallen victim to the terrible aphid outbreak that is decimating all my tuber grown plants as well as some of the seedlings. Whew.

The stems are purplish but the leaves and leaf veins are green so I think the tubers will have purple skin but white or yellow flesh. Just a guess though, it might well prove me wrong, and who knows what shape tuber it will have.

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