Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Tree lopping and free mulch

Next door the DPI had a row of gum and sheoak trees that were getting a bit tall and they were worried that they might one day fall on the nearby power lines, so they got the tree loppers in to chop them down to under fence level.

 I liked these trees as they gave a bit of summer shade to a few of my beds over near the fence. But, I understand why they had to go.
Watching them today gave me a good reason to sit on my lime pile and watch them work.

Before they left they dropped off one truck load of mulch for letting them bring the truck onto my place to make it easier to work around the shed.

Nice. Now I just have to wait for a bit of rain them I can spread it on my newly planted garlic. Hopefully I won't get the weed problems that I have had over the last couple of years then.

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