Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Skirret and cotton

Just harvesting two of my new crops for this year, only a dozen plants of each though. Cotton and skirret. I have also been busy putting up the frame of my new shade for some of the farm.


I have been pleased that I have been able to get some cotton off my cotton plants. They didn't get any fertiliser and hardly any water over the summer which stunted them, but I still got cotton, and enough seeds to plant a bed next season.

Next year I am going to grow some other colours as well as white. Such fun.

It seems like you get quite a bit of fluff of each plant so it might be worth growing just to fill stuffed toys and cushions.


I am very pleased with my skirret. people said to me that you must grow it with heaps of water or the roots will be small and fibrous. Not so. I have just finished harvesting the seed so I thought I would dig up a couple of plants to look at the roots.
They were big and tender (the roots in the pic were cut off with the spade). I cooked some up and had a good meal of them. No fibre at all.
The have a flavour of potatoes and parsnip.

I got stuck into laying down straw this morning and managed to put out one bale of pea straw.

Here is a pic of just starting and having a couple of beds done. the straw is very thick and I spread high nitrogen fertiliser under it to help the bacteria and other organisms break it down over winter.

I should have about a half acre done and under shadecloth by summer, and two times that next year. I am not going to be taken by surprise by a baking hot summer again.

Because I had such a bad summer I don't have much bulk seed to offer to seed companies, so I have had to start a small online seeds shop to make a few dollars. If you are interested in taking a look the URL is: 

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