Monday, March 26, 2018

Weird vegetable and food growing songs for fun and dancing :)

With everything dying down for the autumn there isn't much to write about. It looks like the hot weather is finished now so I am looking forward to starting work a bit later in the day. It is nice to irrigate a bit later without having to worry about the water in the pipes getting too hot and burning seedlings

 As well as the capsicums I have also started pulling up the peanuts.
They are looking great and have grown so well the past two years that I think I will plant a lot more beds next year.

I seem to have the drying down pat as they had almost 100% germination last year. I have noticed that a couple of pods have started germinating right now so I can't leave it any longer.

I am also harvesting the chufa. There are no mice in them this year I should have enough to make horchata as well as to sell.

All the 5 varieties grew well and if I can find a buyer I will put in a whole bed of each next year.

Fun and weird farming and food growing songs

Some time ago a forum I am a member of had a thread on vegetable and food growing songs. Just for a bit of light-hearted fun I will make a similar list here. If you hear of any other good or weird ones let me know.

  • Grow food:
  • These people make musical instruments out of carrots and other veg:  and making their instruments:    
  • Another vegetable orchestra:
  • She thinks my tractors sexy:
  • Vega-tables by Brian Wilson:
  • Garden song by John Denver:
  • Carrot juice is murder, by Arrogant worms:
  • I'm farming and I know it:
  • Farm it maybe:
  • iphone I like you: (gotta watch this one, lol)
  • Pretty pink tractor, by Tim Hawkins:

Have fun everyone, and I hope you enjoy these songs. Feel free to comment, and let me know if there are any serious articles or lists you would like to see.

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