Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Anthracnose in my melons

I have been getting quite a bit of work done now that we are getting a few cooler mornings. There are seeds to harvest and clean from pumpkins, zucchini and melons, as well as expanding the irrigation.

I have also got my big hoe out and made a few raised beds to plant my asparagus and rhubarb into during the winter. With my loose sand I doubt that the raised beds will last but at least with perennial vegetables in them they should last longer than beds that are being dug and handled which would make them flatten out sooner. We will see.

Bugger, I have Anthracnose on one of my melon varieties (Bateekh Samara). It is unusual as the weather has been dry, and I have never had it before but I suppose fungal diseases are something that are always hanging around. Only one variety is affected and it is good to know that it is susceptible for future reference.

I did notice a little on my watermelons a while ago but it disappeared fairly quickly without doing any damage.

Bateekh Samara is a very rare melon from Iraq. It is lemon flavoured. Last time I grew it I only had one plant survive and produce a single fruit. I am certain now that I got a bad, and probably wrong, impression and I am keen to try it again. The plants are bearing very well even with the disease so I am looking forward to ripe fruits in a few weeks.

I am loving the bright blue flowers of the 'Castelfranco' radicchio. Too bad most of the plants didn't flower, but at least I will get some seeds.

 I am really glad I bought some cheap bed mosquito nets of Ebay some time ago. They have been very handy in keeping bees off some melons for hand pollinating, and now I have draped them over a few of the earliest sorghum plants to make sure they are not taken by finches or sparrows.

Just picked a heap of 'Buttercup' pumkins over the past week. I didn't realise how small the fruits were but they really make up for it in flavour. When roasted they are absolutely delicious.

The down side is that the fruits sunburn so easily. I will have to cover each fruit next year.

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