Thursday, January 4, 2018

Singara rat tail radish, and duck potatoes

It is going to be a scorcher tomorrow, and for most of the coming week so it looks like the hectic work is now over. I don't like disturbing the soil in hot, dry weather.

 This year I am growing 'Singara' rat-tail radish. This variety has pods up to 40cm long and are still tender at that length.

They look amazing. I think the flavour is better than the regular one that I grow.
 One of the nice things about the coloured corn varieties is the range of flower colours, both the tassles and the silks.
My 'Painted Mountain' corn is mostly set now so I will be harvesting seed earlier than last year.

This year all the corn varieties are flowering very erratically and I don't know why.

This year I planted the corn by spreading by hand rather than individually planting each seed. They have grown quite thickly but I don't think I will get anywhere the harvest as the stems are too close together and instead of having two cobs per stem, they only have one, and some don't have any.
I don't think I will plant like that again.

My duck potatoes are growing strongly and spreading well, though the leaves curl a bit on hot days. next year I will shade them in the afternoon.

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