Sunday, January 7, 2018

Hot days and speckled peas

Yesterday we had our first hot day of the season. It got to 42 C. here but the cities got hotter which is unusual because they are by the sea which usually moderates temperature. They are not used to the high temps we get inland.

The water table has drastically lowered this year so the soil has dried out quite fast, which meant extra watering to get ready for yesterday and the hot days to come. Looks like a high water bill this season.

 With high, hot winds accompanying the hot temps the veggies got a bit stressed, though not as much as I thought they might.

Most recovered overnight but some such as the corn and some beans were badly burnt. The corn is so bad that I am not sure it will recover. With the sweet corn flowering now, I might not get much of a harvest as the flowers were ruined by the heat and wind.

The mini watermelons are setting and I am excited to get more seeds to be able to sell. I really should have put in a lot more plants, but I will remember to next year.

If you have been reading my blog regularly you will have noted me writing about the 'Pea beans' that I thought looked too much like peas. Well, it turns out I misnamed them and they are peas. Rare speckled snow peas.

These are a small podded pea that has not strings so can be used as a snow, snap, or shelling pea.
It is hard to find out much about them, and most references online are about using them as pea sprouts only.

The seeds are green, covered with brown speckles. I have been eating a few pods and really like them so they will definitely be going back in next year - and labeled correctly, lol.

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