Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy new year, and everything happening right now

Welcome to 2018, I hope the year goes well for all of you.

Everything is drying out now and I am back to irrigating twice a week. I have a few beds of new seedlings in so I might have to water those beds a bit more often. The cucumbers and zucchinis are finished so I have time to put in another crop of those.
I have started opening up some more space so I will be able to put in much larger crops of broad beans and garlic this autumn.

I got in from weeding yesterday and my hands were black and stained. Wow, I am so happy my soil has improved so well over the past year. It is such a change from the pure sand that I had to deal with when I started on this block.

 About half of my seedling figs are starting to put out fruit now. I was worried that I would have to pull them all out this year as I didn't want to waste any more time with them. Now I am excited to see what becomes of them.

After a mix up when they were young I don't know what varieties they are, just that one is 'Pink Patlican'. Makes it even more interesting.

I have started to get interested in rhubarb breeding again. I had 20 plants that I had picked out of a seedling lot that I was about to pull out but I decided to go out and do a raw taste test.

As I expected there wasn't a great deal of difference in flavour - some were more or less sweet or acidic than others, but one tasted so awful that I immediately pulled it out.
I am not sure if there is a market for, or a reason to develop a new cultivar but it won't take a lot of time or effort to see what I can come up with. I will plant a bed with seed next spring and see what develops. I have also bought some different seed to add to the mix.

 The zucchinis are starting to ripen their fruits now so it won't be long till I will be harvesting the seed from these beauties.
I decided to plant another couple of zucchini beds since I have time to get another crop ripe.

Started picking some 'Devil Fin Precoce' green beans for the table as I had a few extra plants. They certainly pass the mother test (I hate green beans but my mother loves them) and she thought they were delicious and non stringy. pity they lose their purple stripes with cooking.

These were one of the few green beans that coped well with the summer heat last year so they will be planted every year now. A good flavour is icing on the cake.

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