Saturday, January 27, 2018

Everything destroyed, no income this year

With heatwave temperatures up to 47 degrees C I have lost nearly all my crops. Everything is dry and dead except a few very heat tolerant rows like capsicums, peanuts, snake beans and okra. I have found that everything that I had under the shadecloth row covers has done fine though (oca and arracacha) so I will be shelling out for as much shadecloth as I can afford before next summer.

I am making plans to stop this kind of destruction from happening again, and with climate change it is certain to happen more often.

 The corn is a total write off. I should have enough seed of most of them to replant next year but 'Anasazi' might be touch and go because the heat hit while it is flowering so most of the plants that are not totally dead have lost their flowers.
I am hoping that I have enough seed in my stores to at least plant a few hundred plants next year to produce plenty of seed the year after.

Although all my capsicums are still healthy, the fruit is mostly sunburnt. At least the plants are still young enough to put out a heap more fruit.

I will have to get some more shadecloth as soon as possible to protect the new fruits but in on the weekend we are supposed to get a few days of around 45 degrees so any fruit that is on them now will be ruined. If I order today I should have the shadecloth by the end of next week.
Watermelons are mostly still alive but all the fruits are burnt and will rot off in the next couple of weeks. I am not sure if they are healthy enough and have enough time to set more fruit though.

I am irrigating every two days at the moment instead of twice a week but it still doesn't help in the high heat.


  1. Yes Rowan, these heat events can be quite worrisome. I'd like, if I may, take this opportunity to recommend a book that has seen my food gardens survive during these times. 'Gardening When It Counts', by Steve Solomon. Steve is well-known and author of eight previous books. He was the founder of Territorial Sed Company so pretty much knows what he's on about. Originally from the USA he now lives in Tasmania. Just trying to help out, if my comments re not needed please tell me to piss off!

    1. Having trouble replying to comments today for some reason so using a different account.
      Your comments are always welcome so keep them coming:)

      Thanks, I will have a read.