Thursday, December 14, 2017

Taste testing my zucchinis

With my zucchinis bearing heavily I decided to bring some inside and do a taste test.
I am growing three zucchini varieties this year as well as Zucca di Albenga (Tromboncino) which are not ready yet but I will add what I remember from last time I ate them.

I have rated them from 1 to 5 with 3 being average, basically similar to most other zucchini. I rated them on taste and texture, both raw and cooked (fried in butter till golden and tender with no other flavourings). They were all at the stage where the flower was just falling off.

 Yellow ball (one ball)

This is the second year I have grown these from my own seed.
Flavour raw: very bland  2
Flavour fried: sweet 4
Texture raw: Butter firm 3
Texture fried: watery soft 2

Over all: I prefer these picked a bit bigger when the skin is firmer, stuffed and baked. I didn't like them when young like this.

This is my own variety that I will be releasing next year.

Flavour raw: Sweet 4
Flavour fried: medium 3
Texture raw: buttery firm 3
Texture fried: buttery soft 3

Over all: Overall I liked this one, especially raw where it would be good cubed in a garden salad.

This is also my own variety which should be ready for release in a couple of years.

Flavour raw: bland, slightly nutty 3
Flavour fried: med 3
Texture raw: med firm 3
Texture fried: med firm 3

Over all: Not much different than any other zucchini you would buy in the supermarket. Eyecatching colour though.

Zucca di Albenga
This is a butternut relative that is used as a zucchini when immature. Other butternuts can also be used like this.

Flavour raw: nutty, mild 3
Flavour fried: nutty 4
Texture raw: firm 4
Texture fried: firm 4

Over all: Always my favourite as zucchini.

Although I liked Caesar, my favourite is Zucca because it is less watery than 'normal' zucchini, and it has a better flavour. I am not keen on the blandness of zucchinis in general.
The Rascal was average and ok but I didn't like yellow ball at all, though I liked it stuffed and baked last year..

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