Saturday, December 23, 2017

Asparagus, and gooseberries, and Happy Holidays :)

Just got back from visiting my sister and her family to give them their presents, then went out to find that many of my vegetables were a bit sad so I irrigated about half the seed block, I will do the rest tomorrow morning.
I am happy that I have saved on a couple of months of water with the rainy weather lasting so long into spring this year.

 I am still getting a few spears of my asparagus. I grow two varieties - Purple Passion, and Argenteiulle. Both of them are very good varieties and produce many big spears.

Purple passion is tender and sweet and perfect for eating raw, and Argenteiulle is a high producer (both male and female plants) and is also tender and a great eater.
I am going to put in a large bed of each next year as I have found that seed sells well in packets.

'Captivator' gooseberry is usually such a poor producer that it really is not worth growing, but this year for the first time it is loaded with fruit.
The fruit ate nice to eat but it is not worth growing if it only fruits every few years so I will not grow more than this single plant.

I do have another variety but I don't know the name of it, and the plants were a bit neglected last winter so have not fruited. I look forward to eating them next year.

My 'Phoenix' nasturtiums are going gangbusters. They are absolutely covered in flowers.
I only got two colours (yellow and orange) but I will buy some more seeds next year to see if I can get more.
I love the fancy petals on them.

Have a lovely Christmas period everyone. I will not be posting again until new year.

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