Monday, December 18, 2017

Arracacha flowering, and beans

The weather is still lovely, with hot days interspersed with cooler ones, though we are getting more and more hot ones now. This morning was the first time I had to put on the irrigation, and that was just for the beds with seedlings in.

For the first time, and it is so rare that most other people never see it - a couple of my arracacha plants have put up flower stems.
I am so excited and I really hope that I get seeds from them.
I love arracacha and I think that if I can find a market grower who is willing to grow it and market it, it could be the next big thing.
Since it is a tetraploid there is a chance that any seed I get will lead to a new and better variety for my growing conditions.

This year, to save on time and the risk of crossing, I have bought a heap of cheap mossie nets to cover my melons for hand pollinating. This will help with time as I will not have to go out in the evening the night before to clamp the flowers shut to pollinate the next morning.
Some of the melons are just starting to flower so I will soon know if this is the best way to go.

The nets don't look pretty because of their shape but as long as they do the job I don't care.

Some of the beans are now setting pods so I should be able to harvest them before I need to waste water on irrigating them, yay.
This particular one is 'Devil Fin Precoce. it is the only green bean that I have found copes well with the heat, though there are a couple of dry bean varieties that are up there.

I am growing a lot more beans this year, the ones that grew in the heat the best last summer.

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