Saturday, November 11, 2017

garlic selection, purple asparagus, and more

You may remember how I have been grouching about how the boggy conditions every winter/spring have destroyed all my garlic varieties. Well after years of selection for surviving and producing in wet conditions and heavy weed pressure, I finally have a epigenically selected garlic that will cope with those conditions.

 It is a selection of Monaro purple and I have asked another garlic grower to grow out some bulbs next season to make sure it does as well for him in these difficult conditions as for me.

It has been a struggle but, although the bulbs are not particularly even, they produced quite well.

I let the weeds grow freely through the garlic this season to test it thoroughly and am pleased with the result.

If it goes as well next year I will offer it to the public.

During the selection process it seems to have lost some of its bite, it is just a bit milder in flavour than the original Monaro Purple but otherwise it is the same, just more suited to boggy conditions without a lot of grassy top problems.

The only brassica to survive the wet over winter was Bear Necessities kale. The pods are starting to ripen now so I suppose I had better get the bird netting on in the next couple of days.

I have planted a bed of purple asparagus for seed, though half of them didn't make it through the winter. The parent plants are going gangbusters though. Some of the spears are as big as my wrist.

I love purple asparagus as it is more tender and a little sweeter than my green one, which is better tasting than most other common varieties in turn.

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