Tuesday, November 21, 2017

First broad bean harvest, more Phoenix nasturtiums, and tomatillos

With a week of temps in the thirties after last weeks rain everything is popping. Of course so are the weeds but I will plug along and get them under some sort of control as time goes on.
I lost two of my melon beds to snails in the last couple of days so I will replant them tomorrow and put out some bait.

 I thought I would put up a couple more pics of the 'Phoenix' nasturtiums as they are so pretty.

I have been pulling out the ones with 'normal' flowers as I see them so I can have a clean line. It annoys me when people sell a variety without knowing if it has been crossed. I will have to grow them out an extra year to see if there are any 'normal' ones in my seed from these so I can consider selling them in packets.

So far it looks like I only have two colours, orange and yellow. I hope the two plants that are yet to flower have another colour.

Finally the broad beans are ripening. I have harvested my 'Early White' but I only had a few plants of those. Now it the 'Stone Ear' turn.
These are very pretty with their markings that make them look like pebbles

My tomatillos are just starting to flower now. This one is 'Amarilla Yellow' but the others are not far behind.
I have three varieties in this year.
I will have to work out a better way of harvesting the seed from them as doing it by hand last year was a royal pain, and I have a lot more in this year.

I am going to try the blender, and the paint stirrer methods of extracting the seed this year. One of those should make it a lot easier.

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