Monday, November 6, 2017

Duck potatoes and frost

Damn it, we have had a couple of frosts now which have damaged or destroyed some of my seedlings, and the nights are still too cold for things to grow properly. At least we are supposed to get up into the 30s by this time next week.
Tomorrow I will go and replant the beds that have been ruined or not come up and the seed will germinate in the warmer weather in a few days.

This is the broad bean 'Robin Hood'. It is supposed to be a dwarf but it has grown to the same height as my other varieties which is a disappointment, the other worry is that it has been a very poor producer, at least this year. I will try it again next year to see if it is just the year.

This variety does have very short internodes so it produces a lot of leaves, maybe at the expense of pods. If it always does this then it may be great for green manure.

I didn't put any large amounts of broad beans in this year as I needed to grow out a few varieties where I only had a few seeds and didn't want a risk of crossing. Next year I will choose a couple for mass planting.

The frosts have damaged all my cucurbits. maybe some will survive but luckily there is still time to replant. Some like this zucchini may survive, I should know in a few days.

I try to get some early seeds sown every year and sometimes I luck out with the frosts and sometimes I don't. I am beginning to rethink the strategy and next year I might just wait till November to start planting.

I took all the water chestnuts out of one bathtub this year to grow duck potatoes. The few duck potatoes I grew last year did very well so I will be growing more, simply because they don't have to be peeled and, so, are easier to process for eating.

They are shooting strongly right now so I had better transfer them to the bath.

I went out to one of my house blocks yesterday to find out that the magpies had pulled out all the rare melon seedlings there. I was so angry. I think I will have to replant them over on the main seed block, and do even more hand pollination *sigh*.

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