Friday, November 3, 2017

Cold nights and ruined plantings

Unfortunately the nights are staying way too cold for my new seedlings. Many beds have not germinated and of those that have, many of the seedlings have died. We are expecting a few frosts this week but, hopefully, after that I can replant.

 One of my struggling baby zucchini has put out a flower in a desperate hope to reproduce. Poor thing. I have picked the flower off to give it a bit more energy but unless the weather heats up soon I don't hold out much hope.

One problem I am having is with tiny snails eating the underneath of the zucchini and pumpkin seedling leaves. I am not sure if you can see but there are a heap of these very tiny snails on it.
They don't seem to eat the bait I put out, and they weaken the seedlings with their feeding.

My poor, poor garlic is overrun with weeds. Luckily nearly all the garlic I have left is Monaro Purple which is the only one that can cope with my winder bogginess and weed pressure.
At least I will get a better harvest than last year, but I am really going to have to work out some way of coping with the weeds better. They grow so fast and thickly that it is hard to keep up with hand weeding, and when the garlic gets to a reasonable size you have to stop weeding or you pull out the garlic.

On another note, I have rolled up all my weedmat from the beds. It is just impossible to get seeds germinated or seedlings growing when all sorts of pests live under it and come out at night to eat everything.

All my beds will be clear of weed suppression from now on as pests living in straw and under weedmat is too hard to deal with.

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