Saturday, October 28, 2017

Busy, busy, mowing and weeding

Now that sowing has nearly finished, just some resowing of patches to go, it is time to start mending and tidying after the neglect of winter. The grass on the driveways is growing strongly so I am mowing every two weeks to keep the place looking tidy.
I will be starting putting together more irrigation soon as I am guessing that I might have to start the irrigation in about three weeks, though the soil is still quite damp.

 The winter has left the shadecloth bed covers a bit tatty so I have pulled them up and doing some small repairs. Generally all I have to do is hammer in all the stabilising posts that came loose in the wet, and attach the shadecloth again to them.
Overall, they are still quite good.

So far we haven't had much of the strong spring winds that we usually get so I am not having to take them down and put them back up often.

Just about all my seed grow bearded iris this year are finished, just one more plant to go.
I am impressed with this particular one - it has large flowers and many on each stem. I think this might be the one I keep from all that flowered this year.

With the cold nights that are still going on my poor little zucchini plants are suffering a bit. I have planted new beds later so those new ones should be fine. Anyway, these little ones are just starting to show little fruit buds.

I really hope this variety is stable enough to offer seeds from this year. I hope I don't have to select and carry them over another year, but I suppose I will if I must, I have put too much work into it to give up on them.

 My oca plants are looking healthy and starting to bush out. I really hope I have a good year for them. I am testing every variety this year for heat tolerance and I hope some are good enough to offer for sale.
I will have half the plants under the covers and half out in the full sun.

Lastly, my peanuts are finally popping up. Last year the rabbits gave them hell so I wasn't able to evaluate my two varieties for production.
I was disappointed to find that I couldn't tell any difference in flavour between them. I was hoping that there would be more difference than just nut skin colour.
I have black skinned ones and red skinned ones.

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