Friday, April 21, 2017

Not much news, just random pics

Apart from picking the last of the capsicums over the next couple of weeks, and shortly the chufa, things are slowing down and there isn't much news. We had a heap of rain yesterday which helped moisten the beds so I won't have to irrigate for a week or so and the temperatures are going down. Everything is getting ready for winter.

The last couple of trays of brassicas will be going out next week and then I will be mostly resting apart from some weeding till the tuberous veggies are dug in June.

 Some posts ago I reported on some seed grown dahlias that I was pretty taken with. They are so lovely and this one is my favourite of the lot. It really stands out and looks so sunny. It makes me smile every time I look at it.

I think dahlias will be a regular crop from now on as they are so pretty. I am not sure yet whether to just collect seeds from them, or offer tubers as well in the future.

I said last post that I was going to wait a couple more weeks before pulling some of my new diploid potatoes. Well.. I got impatient. There were half a dozen plants that were pretty much died down so I pulled them up today.

I was really pleased with the production of them, especially as they are seed grown. They should do even better next season with bigger tubers - though they probably don't have much of a dormancy period so I will have to put them out soon and see how they do through the winter.
This plant has small tubers but two of them had quite large ones and I am thinking that one of them is a tetraploid, only because of the tuber size, I will take more notice when they are growing again.

The spring was so long and cold that I couldn't plant any seed from larger gourds but I did sow some mini bottle and mini dipper gourds and they are just mature now as the plants die down.

As many of you know, I love growing gourds and I hope I can get some big ones in next spring. They are fun to grow and you can make so many things out of them. I love these mini bottles as Christmas tree decorations when painted or carved.
I will leave them on the fence until they are nearly dry before picking as they seem to dry down better that way.

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