Monday, March 6, 2017

Trying out my new camera, Shishigatani pumpkin and Don Quixote eggplant

I decided to get a new camera since my favourite Fuji is getting so old and I don't know how much longer it will last. I got this little Nikon Coolpix on Ebay. It is an old model but never used. I am pretty happy with the pictures though they are a little glarey. It is nice to have a littler camera that will sit in my pocket though.
I thought I would test it out today.

 I have a few plants of Shishigatani pumpkin growing this year. It is an old and rare Japanese pumpkin that is related to butternut.
The fruits are a bit smaller than I expected and lovely dark green. They will turn tan and warty when fully ripe.

The vines are quite vigorous and long but not as many fruits on them as I would expect for largish vines.

Another new one I am trying is 'Don Quixote' eggplant. This is a smallish plant that has no spines and scimitar shaped small fruits.
The almost black fruits should be picked small like in the first pic. The second pic shows an over ripe fruit.
I have noticed that these plants don't like as much heat as other eggplants. The plants are also on the small side but still quite productive for their size.

I don't have sensitive enough taste buds to pick the eating quality compared to other eggplants.

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