Friday, March 24, 2017

Broom sorghum, and my top five tomatoes

After the bit of rain we had a few days ago the busiest time of the year is about to start - weeding. The capeweed and clover are starting to show themselves and I have to spend a fair bit of time each day on my knees weeding.
If you let these weeds go for even a few days they can just get out of control and overwhelming. When I can afford it I will be covering as many beds as I can with geofabric to keep the weed loads down and save the extra work.

 The broom sorghum (or broomcorn) is just starting to ripen and I am harvesting the heads as they do just in case they are found by birds. I do have a net over them but it is not wide enough and on windy days the movement of the plants tends to throw it off.

I love broom sorghum, not only is it handy for making brooms and brushes, it doesn't shed the seeds easily so it makes great features in dried plant arrangements.

Another job I am busy doing is harvesting the seeds from the Winter Luxury Pie pumpkins. These are great tasting and they are also productive.

I have already made pies and soups with them and put mash in the freezer, and given away a heap. Now most of the left overs will be wasted as no-one wants to come and pick up freeby vegetables in this town, especially a pumpkin they are not familiar with. This is a very conservative, retirement town and no-one likes new things.

Here is a list of my five best tasting tomatoes, in no particular order.

Brads Black Heart

This is a large heart shaped, dark tomato which is so delicious that I have to pick them slightly under-ripe and the mice eat them as soon as they are fully ripe. They are sweet but still with a lot of umami flavour.
They are fairly good producers also.

 Chocolate Pear

Sorry about the strange colours, my camera flash went off.
This little, dark, pear tomato has a most unusual, savoury flavour that is hard to describe. It is from japan as far as I have read.
 Wild Currant tomato

This is the most tasty and sweet tomato you will ever eat. I have often mentioned it in my posts so you should know about it now, lol

This is a perfect tomato for kids to forage but I have rarely met an adult who didn't like it either.
Speckled Roman

I love the colour of this tomato just as much as the flavour.
It is meaty and great for sauces as well as fresh eating. Sweet and with a true tomato taste.


For some reason I don't have a picture of this wonderful, large, bi-coloured tomato. It is absolutely delicious and soft with a nice mix of yellow and orange/red marbled skin and flesh and a very sweet and fruity flavour.
I haven't grown it for a few years now so I might have to put it in next year.

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