Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Peanuts, vivid choi, and other things

After a few more hot days it looks like we are in for some pleasant summer weather for the next week which I am looking forward to. It might even be cool enough to get some brassica seedlings planted out. It will be good to get back to work after my open weekend, a few hot days and a visit to Portland to get my dental check up.

 I planted a dozen peanut plants in December. It was too late but the weather wasn't warm enough before that and I didn't want to risk keeping them til next spring.
Unfortunately a rabbit has got a taste for them and munched the tops out of all of them so I think I will not get any peanuts anyway. This is all that is left of the plants.

This is the fourth generation of my Vivid Choi project. The leaves of this vegetable are very strong mustard tasting but the roots are mild so I am trying to select for bigger roots.

It is slowly working but I am losing the colours in the roots unfortunately. The bunched tops are because rabbits ate them off while they were small and before they became too strong in flavour.

Yesterday I dug up a small bed, selected the best roots and replanted for them to flower.

I put a few 'Tiny Tim' tomatoes in this year for some reason. The flavour of these is ok but nothing special, it is the tiny, bushy growth habit that is the interesting part.
These are perfect for anyone who does not have a garden and has to grow everything in pots. These tomatoes bear like crazy and look spectacular when covered in ripe fruit.

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