Friday, February 24, 2017

New melons and sorghum

Hi again, I am taking advantage of these few cooler days to get a heap of work done before the very hot week to come. I am busy collecting and drying seed from tomatoes, melons, cucumbers and corn - what I was able to get growing anyway.

 My bed of broom sorghum is flowering now so it will not be long before I will have to net it so the birds don't strip all the seeds. I am not sure how successful I will be as the plants are much taller than I can reach.
I will put rows of star droppers down the sides and put hoops over them, then attach the netting to them. The netting won't reach to the ground on the sides so I will have to sew two rows together.
It won't hurt that the seed heads will be bent over as I will not be making brooms out of them anyway.

My melons are ripening now and here is one of my new varieties. I haven't named it yet.
I was hoping that this one would be a good commercial variety but the skin is too thin to ship and store so it will be a backyard one.

It tastes a lot sweeter than the brix rating suggests which shows that the sensation of sweetness is controlled by a number of factors, not just sugars.
The flesh is thick and soft with no fibre, and it is surprisingly stable for the amount of generations I have been improving it. I think it will be ready to go after next season.

This is another of mine. I am not sure I will keep it as the seed cavity is a bit too large. It is a small size, just right for one or two people and very sweet but without the muskiness that some people don't like.

I don't have any pics of some of the others with green flesh (which I prefer) and other skin colours but I will put them up later.

I will put up a post soon showing all the bush bean varieties that I trialed this season when I get around to tasting them but I just wanted to show you a pic of this amazing pinto bean - 'Crow River'. It is the most productive bean I have ever seen. it literally bears itself to death and the plants are covered in pods.
This is a definite for me next season.

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