Tuesday, January 31, 2017

With a couple of cool days I started planting out some of my trays of brassicas, tomorrow should be only 23 degrees too so they should survive though I will water them again anyway.
I picked my first cob of corn today, Painted Mountain which was very colourful. The corn is not suffering nearly as much as it was last year in the heat and drought, some are not even under irrigation and still ok so far.

I picked the first Giant tomatillo (Plaza Latina) today. This one was just for taking a photo of, I leave the others for seed a bit longer to let the seed mature better.

This variety does not bear as well as the yellow ones I showed you on the last post but they are spectacular in size. They work well in stir fries or salsa as they are not as sweet as the yellow, but a bit tart, and can be used as you would use capsicums.

The dwarf red snake beans are bearing well. They plants are still a bit small but they haven't let that stop them. I like this variety as they bear at the top of the plant which makes picking easy.

These are a really nice green been with no strings but you have to be careful not to over cook them, just a minute or two in a steamer or stir fry.

The cooler summer means that the scarlet runner beans are setting pods already. Usually they are at least another month off.

Scarlet runners produce large pods that are great to eat while they are still firm and snap easily, or wait till they are ripe and use as a dry bean. The dry beans must be cooked well like many other types of beans that should not be eaten undercooked. Don't let that put you off though as they are very nutritious like all beans.

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