Friday, January 20, 2017

What happens when you buy seed off Ebay

After having an inch of rain last night I am still so happy with the weather. I can see that my Autumn planting and the seed from that is going to be marvelous. I have been busy getting beds ready and have a heap of seedlings coming up in trays. Yesterday I planted a row of scorzonera. The garlic is nearly all in and things are looking very good.

Late afternoon is not the best time to be taking pictures but anyway, this is a row of broom sorghum (sometimes called broomcorn). I love growing this as the heads are very showy and ornamental, and they can be used to make brooms if you so desire.
The only problem is that the parrots love it and I have to net it every time.
It looks like corn when it is this young but very different when the seed heads form. This is supposed to be a multi-coloured form but there really is not much difference in the brown shades.
 I think I will buy a heap more bird netting and grow a lot more next year.

Buying from Ebay can be a bit of a lottery. People selling seed they saved in their back yards are not the best people to buy from but I really need this watermelon (Yellow Flesh Moon and Stars) as I have misplaced my own seeds.

The picture at the bottom is the correct colour for this variety, a dark green with yellow spots.
The top melon in the same pack of seeds is striped with spots. I don't know what it was crossed with but it is a damn nuisance.

Now I have to breed back to the correct type before I can even think to sell seeds of it. I don't even know if the fruits of either are yellow inside yet.
Half the plants have striped fruit and half dark green.

My little patch of Scarlet Runner beans next to the house is starting to flower now. It will look great when the plants fill out.

They don't usually pod up very well in our heat but this year they just might if the weather stays relatively mild.

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