Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Summer is finally starting

Well, at long last we are starting on 'normal' summer weather. The next week at least, and probably much longer are forecast to be between 30 and 40 degrees every day. I have put up the shadecloth row covers over all the sensitive plants and now I just have to wait it out.
This will test the couple of beds of mauka, ulluco and oca that I have left uncovered just to test how long they will survive in our summer.

It has been so cool that my lotus plant is only now starting to show a couple of flower buds. I suppose it did have a bit of a shock when I pulled up a heap of its tubers to sell so maybe I should give it a bit of leeway.

The first of my seed grown gladiolus plants are flowering. They are so easy to grow from seed that I will be doing a lot more in the future.
Unfortunately most of these flowers turned out to be the same colour pink but with hand pollinating next year that will change. The seed that I took to grow these came from a single plant in someones backyard.

Growing some of the usually vegetatively propagated flowers is fun and I will be doing a lot more. You have seen the results of my bearded iris already.

My mauka is a bit slow because of the cool conditions but they are starting to get away now.
The red variety is a much stronger grower than the others and seems to be tougher in the sun so far.
I do have a couple of other colours which I am testing out and one of them shows promise too, but another had stems that rotted in the humid conditions we had a week or so ago. I will have to remember that when I mulch them next year.

With all the green grass around this year after the wet conditions the rabbits have multiplied hugely. They have eaten off most of my beans and found this bed of germinating chufa. Obviously hey liked the taste of the tubers as they have done a good job of digging them up.

With all the green feed they will not take baits so I am worried about how much damage they are going to do this year.

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