Monday, January 16, 2017

Chufa and melon pollination

Things are finally coming together for my open day next month. I have rotary hoed a heap of beds so things are a bit tidier, and started planting. Today while I was irrigating I got a few beds of garlic in as well as a bed of scorzonera. Tomorrow will be too hot to do much so I will just get the last couple of garlic beds in and go home and veg out for the day.

A few weeks ago I got in some new and bigger varieties of chufa as mine aren't as big as I would like.
I know it is a bit late but I planted half of them in pots so I can get a head start next year. If they are not mature by the time frosts come I can move the pots into the greenhouse to finish.

I am excited to get some new varieties to offer. I love chufa - the tubers taste just like almonds.

The melon plants are still small but right now they are starting to look like they are covered in pink flowers.
Usually it takes 5-6 hand pollinations to get one to take but this year most of them are taking. I am so happy. I think the reason is a combination of two factors, 1, many of the flowers this year have both male and female part, this is not uncommon but it is more frequent this year, and 2, I have changed my hand pollination technique.

I am starting to get a few hand pollinated fruits now so I can let some of the accidental naturally pollinated fruits grow for the table and to give away.
I like using this type of tag as I can write details on it when crossing. many people use coloured string or small tags and have to be more careful with their records.

My rare potato seedlings are starting to get big enough to plant out which I will do on Wednesday when it is a bit cooler.
I will end up with about a hundred I think. I lost a heap to a fungal infection at the start but they seem to be going well now.

Can't wait to see the colours of the tubers in the winter. There is already a range of stem colours so I should get some pretty potatoes. These are supposed to taste amazing so that is also something to look forward to.


  1. Show us a pic of your rotary hoe please Ro.

    1. You will have to wait till tomorrow. It is just a ordinary garden one that I am borrowing.