Thursday, January 12, 2017

ball zucchini and tomatillos

Back again.
I have finally received a box of seed envelopes after having one lost in the post. I was beginning to think I will have to go to the Talbot market on Sunday with hardly any seeds. Now I will spend the evening butting a lot of seed in packets so I will be ready.

 My few ball zucchini are bearing well. I put in half a dozen mixed plants just to check them out and ended up with mostly yellow fruited ones and one green. I did replant a couple and I hope they will have different fruit soon.

So far I am impressed. They are pretty productive, and pretty. A good size for one person.

My tomatillos are starting to ripen now. This is a yellow, Polish one called 'Amarylla'. It is very sweet, without the tartness of other tamarillos but it does slightly irritate the throat - maybe that is just me though. Maybe when it is cooked that will disappear.
I also have the giant variety 'Plaza Latina' which I planted a bit later so they are not ready yet.

With hardly any cucurbits making it this year I am glad a couple of these mini white cucumbers made it so I will have more seed next year.
Unfortunately the fruits so far have had no seeds but often when that happens the later fruit do.

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