Thursday, November 3, 2016

Start of seed harvest

The weather is finally warming up even though the nights are still quite cool. I have taken a chance and started sowing the beans and corn. I will be away from tomorrow till Sunday afternoon at a friends farm open weekend so I won't get any more done till I get back but I did get quite a few beds in today.

The first seeds to ripen for the season are these Giant Chinese Spring Onions. I have only picked a few heads today but I think they will all be ready to pick next week.
The onion family ripens its seeds very quickly after pollination.

The next to ripen will be some of the brassicas that survived the winter wet - heading mustard, kale and a cabbage variety.

I found a broad bean affected with what looks like Bacterial Brown Spot which I never knew occurred around here. It was only one plant and the leaves are not affected, just the pods so I am not sure of the disease. I sent a couple of pods to the biosecurity dept of the department of ag to have it analysed. They should get back to me on Monday.

I don't take chances with disease, even if it gets me into trouble. Better to be safe than risk having it spread to other gardens or farms.
 I have one plant of gooseberry 'Captivator'. This is a very poor producing variety and the only reason this plant survives is because it is in an out of the way place and never gets any attention.
I notice today that it has quite a bit of fruit setting. It must be because of the wet winter as it usually only sets fruit every couple of years and only a handful when it does.

The fruit this season is not enough to save it though if I ever need that spot.

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