Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Damn the magpies

A few days ago I went out to check on one of my blocks and found that magpies had gone around every bed of corn and pulled out every single seedling, Ggrrrr. I was going to replant but I figured that they would just do it again so I ended up planting other melons in those beds instead. The corn can wait til next year.
One of my neighbours feeds the magpies so I figure that they hang around the back block all day because they don't have to go and find food. They have nothing to do but play about and be naughty, just like bored teens.

 My pepinos are starting to set fruit now, wel the inside plants. The ones outside have taken a beating with Earth Mites and cold weather so are a bit behind.

I have a couple of seedling plants in this year. I know that the chances of getting something different with just a couple of seedlings is remote but I will try to germinate a lot more seed next year.

I was sent a few duck potato (Sagittaria latifolia) tubers some time ago. They have suffered from the cold and are just starting to leaf out now.
These are water plants that produce tubers that look like water chestnuts in winter.

I am hoping they taste good as they might be a better alternative to water chestnuts. They don't have to be peeled, which is a fiddly job with the water chestnuts.

One of my favourite brassicas is Purple Peacock broccoli. It is an all round plant as the small heads are eaten as well as the tender leaves.
I haven't grown it for a couple of years after I lost all my seed when they accidently got left out in an open container. I finally bought some more even though it cost me a heap of money for the packet.

The plant is quite striking with its purple veined leaves and is very ornamental.

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