Monday, November 21, 2016

Broad beans and garlic

After a couple of hot days over 30c all the vegetables I have in the ground have really put on growth. I was away for the weekend at Ballarat markets and when I got back yesterday afternoon I was surprised at just how much difference that bit of heat made. The soil is still moist so heat was all the plants needed.
I am still resowing most of my cucubits and corn after a couple of very late frosts, and predation from earth mites, but the plants that have survived have taken off over the last couple of days. I just hope the frosts hold off a bit longer at the end of the season.

How beautiful are the seeds of this broad bean 'Stone Ear'. This year I put in a few new varieties but since I only had a dozen seeds of each and the wet whether killed some I didn't dare eat any of the seeds. Luckily it doesn't take long to build up stocks.
Next year I should be able to report on the eating quality of all the new ones, and possibly have a little seed for sale.

I have a few more varieties that didn't go in this year due to me not having enough room so I will have to juggle my varieties next season.

This seems to happen most years - if late winter is very wet some of the garlic varieties, especially Monaro Purple, start growing shoots out the top of the plant.
This is caused by the cloves growing as you can see here after I have removed the outer wrappers.

This problem is really annoying as it lessens the storage capabilities of the bulbs, and sales for them. It is more unfortunate because this is a particularly good eating variety.

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