Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The rain is almost over *whew*

Sorry about my lack of posts but I still can't do anything, this forced idleness is killing me. The rain still hasn't stopped but it looks like it is almost at an end according to the forecasts. Everything is still a bog and I won't be able to plant much for a couple more weeks.

I have lost all my jojoba and caper bushes amongst other trees and shrubs from waterlogging.

 Just to pretty things up here are a couple of pictures of one of our 'Pinwheel' cyclamens among a heap of others on our back table. The flowers are all splayed out rather than upright like other cyclamen.

We have been growing these from seed for a number of years but it was only when I got in touch with the cyclamen society I found that it must be a mutation as no-one had heard of this flower form. I think I will have to do some hand pollinating to get more colours as we only have a couple of shades of pink.
Maybe at some point I can sell seeds of them when I get a few more colours.

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