Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Talbot market and arracacha propagation

With the cold and wet weather back again I was happy to escape to the markets over the weekend with my seed stall.

 The Talbot market is great and too busy to get around to take good pictures. Here is a photo from next to my stall. It was still early and the bare spots were filled soon after this pic was taken.
I love this market.

Luckily we had a great day and the rain didn't start till we had all packed up.

With the wet weather rotting most of my root crops I feel lucky that four arracacha plants survived.
I tested out their toughness by leaving two outside in the ground all winter and two in my hot house.

The ones outside lost all their leaves and look very poorly but they did survive. The ones inside grew well but did get attacked by spider mites that can quickly kill these plants.

I got busy yesterday dividing my plants to build up stock.

You can see how the tops grow from these first two pics. All you need to do is break off or cut the short stems off. Each one will regrow when potted on.

 Cut off the leaves and lay out the pieces to dry for a day before potting up.

Don't worry, they are quite tough and a few days of drying will not hurt them.

Before you plant them you should cut a cross in the base. This is supposed to make each cutting grow more roots.

 Keep only lightly moist till you see new leaves and then give them a bit of fertiliser and a bit more water.

This is what leaves look like when they are attacked by spider mites. They get discoloured, yellowish or greyish spots covering them.

You must inspect your arracacha regularly as spider mites can kill this plant in a week or less.

If you ever want great growing guides for any of the Andean vegetables pop over to the website: https://www.cultivariable.com/

Bill does a wonderful job of explaining how to grow all these plants.

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