Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Seed drying room taking shape

Now that we have had a few dry and ,almost, warm days, I have been able to get out and do some bed digging and replanting the cucurbits that were hit by frost and cold nights.

 Here are eight of the 10 surviving broad bean varieties I put in this year. I still have a few more to try next year but I didn't have enough room to stop them from crossing I I have to wait to see what they are like.

There is a variety of pod shapes and lengths, from little two seed pods to the longest pods on Grano White. I only have a few plants of some of them so I will not be able to taste them. Next year should be much better.

They are very late this year but it won't be long before some of them will be ripening.
 My new seed drying room is starting to take shape with the concrete floor going in this morning. It is in the back half of our two car garage - The room will be 6m x 3m, a good size for my business as it is now.

I am really pleased with the floor and the builder should be coming over in the next couple of days to give me an estimate for building the dividing wall. I am going to try having a go at the insulating and lining myself.
After it is lined and painted I will have to buy the shelving and dehumidifyer unit to finish it off.
I couldn't go another year trying to get seeds dry using various rooms of the house, at least having this drying room will be much more professional, as well as making it easier.

With a truck load of lime coming tomorrow and my van going in to see why it is overheating I am going to be totally broke this time next week.

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