Thursday, September 8, 2016

Spring is springing everywhere

The winter is having its last hurrah as I am writing this with pouring rain and a possible thunderstorm tomorrow. The ground was just beginning to dry out enough to walk on and now I will have to wait another couple of week if the forecast of 30-50mm turns out correct.

 I have lots of seedlings coming up and tubers shooting now - from these ulluco tubers to water chestnuts and yacon.
The broad beans are all starting to set pods and are mostly looking great, and everything feels like spring.

As soon as the ground dries out enough to get a truck on I have to get some deliveries of lime and large bales of straw for the ulluco and oca.

I have put a few seeds in trays, a bit early but I was impatient. These are lettuce seedlings but I also put in some pumpkins and melons yesterday.
I generally don't grow lettuces but I have a hankering to grow some unusual ones this year, and I have been thinking of doing some crossing between 'normal' lettuce and celtuce to get some new varieties of celtuce with frilly and coloured leaves, and maybe more tender leaves.

Since I will be growing so many melons this year to renew my seeds I have bought a heap of insect netting to cover the rows so I can hand pollinate in peace without worrying about bees and other pollinating insects.

It looks like it will be very busy spring as I will be planting twice as much ground as last year.

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