Monday, September 26, 2016

More water woes

With everything still a bog and not a lot I can do there is still not much I can write about. We are predicted to have another heap of rain this week so there won't be any improvement for a few weeks. I really hope the rain ends soon.

I will have to delay my spring planting as it is way to wet to plant any seeds but I have a few melons and pumpkins, as well as some pots of oca and ulluco that really need to go in soon. Well, I will put them out in a couple of weeks and hope for the best.

I have bought a couple of big bales of pea straw and started putting it out on the oca and ulluco beds. Oca does so much better under mulch so I hope I get a good harvest this season.

The coming rain this week should settle the straw well so it will be ready to plant into when things dry out a bit.

My poor garlic is strugging under a mat of grass and weeds but I can't weed it because it is too boggy. Not only can't I walk on the ground but when I try to weed I pull up the garlic plants with the weeds.
Luckily garlic is pretty flood tolerant except that when it is too wet it tends to go 'hairy'. The cloves start to grow before the mother plant is ready to harvest and the leaves all grow out of the main stem.

At least I should still have enough bulbs to plant for next season.

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