Friday, September 2, 2016

Mauka, broad beans and winter

Although the temeratures are creeping up it is still wet and my blocks are too boggy to walk on. My 'Bear Necessities' kale that I had such high hopes for is rotting in the mud though I should still get a few seeds when the remaining plants flower.
Like last post, I forgot to set the date on the camera so ignore that :)

I got my backflow device inspected this morning. It has to be done every year to make sure that anything that goes through the fertigation system doesn't get back into the town water supply. It is just one of the bills I have to pay this month, with car service, lime and a dozen more - isn't there any way to save money *sigh*

 As a great sign of spring some of the brassicas are starting to flower. This is a couple of rows of heading mustard. Unfortunately with the wind and rain there haven't been many bees around so I a not sure how the seed harvest will go.

 Here is a pic of some of my rows of Crimsone Flowered Broad bean. At least these are handling the wet a bit better than everything else.

With the soil so wet I dug up my Mauka plants to see if the roots were rotting - they were.
I separated them and planted them in pots till the soil is dryer. I can't afford to lose these plants.

I have managed to save a couple of roots to taste ina week or two after they have sweetened in the air.

This is an average sized root after one year but there were bigger ones. I read that you should keep them in the ground for two years to get them to a decent size for eating.


  1. Hi Rowan, I am sorry to hear that the mauka was affected by the wet weather. I hope you still have some available for sale.
    Best wishes

    1. Don't worry, I cut off all the rotting roots and separated the rest so I have a lot of pots of them to go in next month. I don't think I will have any for sale though till I build up more stock.