Thursday, August 25, 2016

Wet winter and broad beans

Sorry I have not posted in the last month, there was no internet access where I was staying.

Although there was hardly any rain where I was over the last month it poured here at home. I got back yesterday ready to do a heap of the work that needed to be done but it is so wet and boggy that I can't get onto my blocks. It is like a swamp.
My poor garlic is covered in weeds but I can't get on to water them.

 My camera gave up the ghost so I bought a cheapy from China to tide me over. It takes good pics but I forgot to set the date so the date and times aren't right here on these pics.

My crimson flowered broad beans are looking good all covered with flowers and am surprised to see that they don't have any sign of rust even with the wet conditions. This is a bit strange because Crimson Flowered is usually first to show signs of disease.

My other broad beans are not looking as good with many signs of nutrient deficiency and some rust spots. I went around and fertilised them to give them a boost.

My Bear Necessities kale is just about to flower but they are still putting out a heap of little and very tasty leaves that are perfect for salads.

I am definitely going to push this variety as it is so tasty and bears right through the year.

One of my rented blocks is now for sale so I have started cleaning it up and transplanting some of the plants I have on it.
It is a bit of a pain to lose a block but it is to be expected. Luckily they told me before spring planting.

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