Monday, July 18, 2016

Winter Ramblings

I know I haven't posted for a few weeks but there really isn't much to talk about over winter.

The winter has been just like it was normally before the drought and all the blocks are boggy and I sink up to the tops of my boots whe I try to do anything so I try to leave everything alone as much as I can so I don't bog things up.

The weeds have stopped growing and even though there is a bit of a weed problem in the garlic I am pretty happy with everything else right now. I have been doing some markets with my seeds but that is about the extent of my work.

Later this week I will be going up to stay with my sister while she has her baby to help with her other kids. While I am there I am going to make a her a nice big vegetable garden with dripper system to make things easier for her. Since her babies always thumb their noses at due dates I could be there for up to a month.

 I spent today pulling up a bed of 'Easter Egg' radishes and replanting the best ones to grow on for seed.
Any that were split, undersized or the wrong shape were discarded.

I keep telling myself that I would not plant radishes because they are hard to harvest for seed but I keep doing it. I never learn.

I always take a root cabbage to markets as they are so ugly that they attract lots of attention.
It is hard to imagine that such an ugly vegetable can be so delicious.
Actually a lot of people want to grow the seed just because it is so unusual.

I have a couple of small beds in to keep for seed but I am worried that the wet winter might cause them to rot. That is their one failing, they are so soft fleshed that they rot easily in wet weather.

After the markets my family eats the left over roots but I do have to think up some new recipes. They are too versatile to just steam or boil.

My camera died today so I am waiting on another I ordered from China - until that one comes I will have to use the camera on my phone.

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