Friday, June 24, 2016

Winter work

With rain for the last two days I haven't been able to do much outside. I try to think scientifically but it is really tempting to think that this early winter rain is a good sign for the coming spring and summer. Well, at least it will fill up the subsoil and I won't have to irrigate as much this summer.

 I did manage to get a bit of clear weather so I went out and dug a heap of the small beds on D block. I generally don't like to do much digging this time of year then leave the beds naked but I am going out of my mind with inactivity, so I dug most of the beds in this block that day.

This spring is going to be the busiest I have ever had and I will be planting every bed, with seed crops, renewing my melon varieties, and with the few crops I am developing into new varieties.
It will be difficult on my own but I think at some point I will have to pay for a few hours a week from a local gardening contractor when things get busy.

It is the time of the year again when the root crops are pulled so I can select the best plants for replanting for seed.
Here are a few of the Malaga radishes I pulled this morning. I tossed any plants that showed signs of early bolting, poor growth or off colour.

Although in the home garden it is not so important if you get a few off plants, for me as a seed seller I have to make sure buyers of my seed and the end user can be confident that the variety is true and will be the best they can grow.

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