Saturday, June 4, 2016

Caigua and rhubarb

Well, apart from digging another 100kg of yacon sets I have all my seed and stuff cleaned and ready to take up to my seed buyers next weekend. I made a simple seed cleaner out of pipe and a hair dryer which works but is a bit awkward so I might play with it a bit to make it better. At least it works.

 The weight of my caigua plants have finally collpsed my old, cheap greenhouse frame so I will have to get off my butt and make something better next year.

You can see that the plants are finally starting to die down and I will pick the fruits shortly. These fruits may be guant compared to my other variety but they only have about 8 seeds in each one so I won't get too many seed packets out of them.

Here is a comparison between the common commercial variety of rhubarb on the far right and two of my own selection (Red Rover) on the right. Where the commercial one is smaller and not quite liking the cold, mine love it and produce abundantly all winter with no frost damage.
For the rest of the year they are similar but overall mine produces more over the whole year.

Although rhubarb is not good to grow on spec I have put in a couple of rows to sell fresh locally. If it doesn't work out I will have some great plants to sell sets off at least. All the people who have bought fresh rhubarb off me have come back to tell me how great it is. I think my selection will eventually become well known for its quality.

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