Saturday, May 28, 2016

Ulluco, Malaga radish and other news

With El nino officially finished I am now able to breath a sigh of relief. I am actually looking forward to the coming spring and summer now and am planning a whole lot of planting.
I have packed up the hoses and my days are decidedly quieter.

We will be having our first frost for autumn tonight, well behind schedule and the later warm weather has allowed my few remaining, sickly oca plants to at least grow a few tubers. I hope next summer will have good oca growing weather so I can rebuild my stocks.

 My precious ulluco plants are tuberising and one little one has already died so I grabbed its tubers before they were lost. They are small but at least I can use them to build up my ulluco stocks.
I am hoping that like oca, the ulluco will continue to grow their tubers for a while after the frost kills them down.

I am not really a fan of radishes but I have grown a bed of 'Malaga' just because the red/purple colour is so nice.
I generally don't grow radishes because it is such a pain getting the seeds out of the pods but I think I will continue growing this one just for my seed packets, not for wholesale seed.

It is only two weeks till I am due to take my seed and tubers up to my seed buyers so I will start digging up the yacon in the next week to have it ready.
With such a poor summer I will only be able to take very little seed up, not nearly as much as they wanted and not enough to even pay for my fuel on the 5000km round trip. It will be worth it though because as I visit some of the buyers I will be learning more about their businesses and what they want in a seed supplier, as well as more on what seeds they want.

It is going to be a looooong trip but so far I am looking forward to it.

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