Sunday, May 8, 2016

The ups and downs of the summer/autumn season

With everything dying down for Autumn I will list the things I was pleased and displeased about this past growing season.


  • I got to know how much I can grow and how to cope with a really bad season. I know how much I have to grow just in case and to always grow twice as much as I think I need.
  • I managed to get enough beds under irrigation as I needed. I will put more under before this coming summer.
  • I managed to get a couple of vegetable growers interested in having me breed some varieties for them over the next few seasons
  • Hardly any earth mites
  • I learnt a lot.


  • The drought and really high temps
  • Two plants that I was excited to grow didn't produce flowers - sword bean and Passionfruit melon. Luckily I have a couple of spare seeds of each to try next year but it was very disappointing.
  • Many of my vegetables/fruits such as many of the cucurbits didn't produce seeds because of the heat while flowering. Same goes for the corn.
  • Rabbits, grasshoppers and kangaroos eating my vegetables.

 As I said in an earlier post, I am really pleased with this new (for me) variety of Caigua. Not only is it much bigger than my usual one (the fruit on this one grows to 20cm) but it is also slightly better tasting.

I will definitely be throwing away my other seeds.

They are just starting to ripen now and go lighter in colour.

My Mauka (Mirabilis expansa) is finally starting to flower. Too bad it is too late to produce pods/seeds as I am expecting my first frosts any day now, in fact the frost is late. Maybe I will put the cover back on and see if I can keep the plants alive long enough for seeds to ripen. Worth a shot I think.

This is a plant from South America that grows large and spreading and produces an ugly, edible tuberous root. I am looking forward to digging it up when the frosts kill it down.

The leaves are edible cooked but contain oxalic acid so are not good raw.

This plant is such a spreader that it is great as a groundcover as it doesn't let any weeds grow.

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