Thursday, May 26, 2016

New fence, new beans and new farm

I spent a couple of days visiting my sister and her family on their new farm so I haven't posted for a while sorry.
Anyway, the neighbour of one of my blocks who has sheep that keep getting in has finally fenced them away so we can replace the fence. I hope we will get it done tomorrow and I have ordered the posts to be delivered. I did start removing the old fence today but then it started raining so I had to come in and didn't get any pictures of the progress. I will take my camera back tomorrow when I finish.

I got some new, colourful bean seeds in the mail today from a seed seller in Tasmania who specialises in beans.
I love beans with many colours :) Look at all the speckles, I just can't stop looking at them.

They are mostly dry beans but a few for fresh eating. I usually can't grow green beans here because of the hot summers but I chose these ones because they are early bearers so might beat the heat - and it looks like the drought has broken and maybe, if I am lucky, next summer might not be so hot.

My sisters new farm is in an area of poor soil, and combined with the drought it looks pretty bad right now.
Maybe with a bit of rain now it will start to grow grass and they won't have to rely on hay.

They have a comfortable shed to live in until they can save up to put a house on it.

All they have to do now is try and keep the goats out of the veggie patch, lol.

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