Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Water chestnut, lotus root and Pusa Asita carrot

Autumn is in full swing now with most of the summer vegetables dying down now. Most of the pumpkins and melons are finished and I am redigging those beds, and I am just waiting another couple of weeks before planting the broad beans.

The water chestnuts are dying down and I have started pulling up a few on the ends of this bath. I did not get all the tubers out of the bathtubs last year so they were too crowded to grow large, but they are numerous.

If you allow them to die completely down the tubers break off too easily and they are harder to harvest so I pull them up at this stage when they still have a tinge of green about them.

Last spring a few water chestnut plants in pots didn't get sold or planted so they have been sitting with my other potted plants, not in water.

After a while I got curious to see what they would do since they were not grown in water. Well, now that they have died down I pulled them out of the pots and was surprised to find that they have produced tubers, not a lot since they were in small 10cm pots but it goes to show that maybe they don't need to be grown in water after all.
I might try a couple in large pots out of water next season.

I pulled up the lotus plant which has died down to inspect the tubers. As I expected, the tubers are not large, but still maybe large enough to eat. I am still pretty annoyed that I was sent a small variety but at least I know they produce well here in bathtubs. Before next spring I will buy a tuber from a large variety.

The whole bottom of the tub is filled with tuberous roots so I will have some to eat as well as sell.

I have been bringing in some Pusa Asita carrots to the kitchen. They are very black right through and stain your hands dark purple when you are working with them. They look great with other colourful veg on the plate.

Although some sites say they are sweet, I don't think they are particularly sweet, but they are still tasty and very carrotty.

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