Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ulluco and pumpkin taste test results

The last couple of days have been warm and beautiful, around 27c. I have got a lot of work done - weeding, digging, putting seeds in packets. Our first frosts are due but so far there are no signs of them on the forecast.

 The ulluco is growing strongly. I am so happy to have some of these tuberous plants that are so rare, especially in Australia.
The weather has been very good to them and they are loving the autumn so far.

The plants are starting to grow out stolons which head down into the grown to produce tubers. I am so looking forward to the pretty tubers, and this year I will have enough to eat a couple.

It will be a race against the frost but I have shadecloth to cover them when we do get a cold night to give them time to grow tubers.

The leaves of this plant can be eaten as greens as well as the little potato-like tubers.

This year I grew four pumpkins - Luxury Winter Pie (bottom pic), Violina (top pic), Strawberry crown, and Oregon Homestead Sweetmeat.

I gave away samples of each to many people with a survey to see which people preferred. Unfortunately less than half the people returned their surveys but here is the results.

The top two by far were these two - Violina (C. moschata) and Luxury Pie (C. pepo). They are both delicious and meaty cooked in all ways.
The only downside to the Luxury pie pumpkin is that the flesh is not a great colour when cooked.

The other two varieties most people found to be bland and stringy. One person liked Oregon Sweetmeat in a pumpkin cake, and others liked them both roasted but not cooked in any other way.

I will be growing the top two again and trialling a couple of other ones next year. Eventually I will end up with only the best liked varieties, but I have a lot to get through until then, lol.


  1. Pumpkins always remind me of autumn :) I love them!

    1. I agree. It is the time I look forward to - especially putting away pumpkin mash in the freezer for hot soup during the cold and rainy (well one day it might be rainy but I am fast giving up hope, lol) winter days.

  2. Have you got some ulluco tubers? I'm thinking of planting some next year

  3. If you are in Australia I will be offering some to Daleys Fruit Nursery so they should have some to sell next winter. I am still building up stock this year.

  4. I'll keep an eye. Yes I'm in Victoria.