Monday, April 18, 2016

Oooops, forgot to post before the weekend

I knew I was going away for the weekend and still forgot to post on Friday morning before I went, sorry.

I went over to the Ballerat area to do a couple of markets over the weekend. It is a 600km round trip so I had to do two to make it pay.
The Creswick market was ok but very crowded and did not seem to attract the kind of people who were interested in the seeds I had to offer. I thought this was a bit strange as it is a big 'new age' area.

Anyway, the Tabot market has a good rep so that was on Sunday. WOW, this is a little town of 200 residents in the middle of nowhere - they have a pub, a post office, a hall and a tiny shop, surrounded buy streets and houses. I little forgotten and dying town like many scattered around the country.

I had heard that the town stops for the monthly market but until I got there it didn't really compute, lol
It is amazing to see that every street is covered on both sides with stalls of all sorts - it is amazing to see such a huge market covering a whole town.

The locals don't seem to mind having there driveways blocked for a few hours each month and even get into the spirit buy selling things in their own yards - from plants to bric-a-brak

People come from Melbourne as well as other local towns and cities to buy at this market. It is a great day out I suppose and the range of stuff is amazing. It really goes to show the range of skills, produce and interests you get in an area.
The picture shows people setting up their stalls on the morning, by the time they finished there were no cars to be seen and no empty spots. I was too busy to go out and take a better and busier picture but it was crowded by 10am.. I will definitely keep going and I will have to ramp up my seed packeting, though I guess it will not be so busy over the winter.

And... here is a picture of Malabar spinach, since I don't have anything else to talk about at the moment.
This is a summer growing spinache substitute with fleshy leaves and a mild taste. It doesn't have the sourness that 'normal' spinach has.

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