Saturday, April 2, 2016

Loving the weather and Purple Congo potatoes

The weather has been lovely lately with temperatures hovering around 20 degrees. I have been getting a lot of digging done and planting seed and seedlings.
Some of the seed and seedlings I have planted in the past few days has been: Green Mountain potato onion, Emperor Tainong heading mustard, Hamburg parsley, Mini Dwarf Choi, Purple Peacock broccoli, sugar beet and coloured silverbeet. I still have a heaps of beds to fill so I will have to have a good look through my seed cupboard.
The garlic is coming up strongly as well as the shallots and broad beans will be going in at the end of the month.

I have been digging up some Purple Congo potatoes. These are a dry potato so not good for roasting but they are great when boiled and as potato salad. I love the colour.

The great thing about this potato is that it has very little dormancy. This is not great for people who like to store them between planting but as I keep mine in the ground it works for me.

I am getting quite a collections of snake bean varieties now. These are 'Black Seeded' but I also have 'White Galaxy', 'Dwarf Red' (my favourite), 'Dwarf Green' and '3 Feet Plus' which has longer beans and bi-colour seeds.

Snake beans grow much better in our summer heat than other types of green beans and look spectacular as well. They didn't do too well this year but I put that down to the drought.

Snake beans are best steamed or fried as they lose flavour if boiled.

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