Saturday, April 30, 2016

American Paw Paws and winter plans

Sorry, forgot to go and get some pics today.

Well, today is the last day of my sowing season - any later and the cold of winter will slow or stop growth and any veg will not be mature before they bolt in spring. With a few showers of rain yesterday I decided it was a good chance to get some more seed in the ground so I threw some Hamburg parsley and white alpine strawberries in a couple of empty beds.
There is still time to plant broad beans and snow peas but they will be finished in the next week.

From now on I will have less and less to do as winter nears. Just some weeding mainly. Since it is still dry I will be watering but with the cooler weather upon us I am only doing that twice a week

Time to plan my winter visiting of friends and family, and I will have to finish cleaning seeds and dig tubers later to take up to my seed buyers in June. I suppose it will be a bit busier this yer, especially as I am committed to a couple of markets per month now.

Yesterday with the showery weather I decided to plant out the poor potted American Paw Paws (Asimina triloba) that have been sitting in my shadehouse for the past few years. I haven't had any where to plant them where they would get afternoon shade as they were growing but there are a couple of big, old pear trees on the seed block so I planted them under those.
I really hope they grow as I am so looking forward to tasting them. These are a cool climate relative of tropical paw paws that are deciduous and can cope with very cold winters. They need shade as they are growing, and I guess with our summers here they would probably need shade as adult trees here too.

I hope that with a bit of care they will survive but I had to give them a go anyway. I have 8 seedling trees so I have a couple to spare if I lose some.

I checked the three month agricultural forcast this morning and they say that El Nino is still hanging around a bit but there is a chance of a normal to slightly wetter winter this year, I certainly hope so. I am really sick of struggling with the drought.

Today I went to Bunnings and bought some supplies to make a simple seed cleaner. It is made just with PVC pipe and mounted on a simple stand, with a hair drier to blow off the chaff.
I am sick of the time consuming ways I have been doing it so far and this will make the seed a lot cleaner and take less time. I need to have my seed a lot cleaner before I offer it to my buyers. When it is built I will show you.

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