Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Pumpkins, garlic and family get-togethers

Well, I am all recovered from our family get-together for our parents 50th wedding anniversary. We had a great time and it was fantastic to see all my sisters together now that we are spread over three states. It was a great day.

One of my sisters and her children stayed here for two nights so I set them to work harvesting the mini pop corn. They loved getting out in the garden to work.

The ears might be small but since each plant produces so many ears the total weight of seeds of each bed is the same as my other corn types.

My sister stayed picked a bed of capsicums and stayed indoors later to de-seed them all - thank you :)  she loves doing the seeds, and of course, going through my seed cupboard to flog seeds, lol.

Here is Abbey with a Rugos Violina 'Gioia' pumpkin. It is a large, warty butternut from Italy.
I will be cutting one up today to see how it tastes but it is reputed to be even better than 'normal' butternuts.

I have been very pleased with these plants, they are large and very healthy even on the very poor soil of my seed block, and they are producing very well. The fruits look amazing also.

Here is Cael with a couple of 'Strawberry Crown' pumpkins. These will have to be stored till I get around to cutting them up. I have heaps of fruit so they will be shared around my block owners. It is a maxima so they will be fine till that happens.

Hmmm, for some reason I don't have a pic of my other nephew - sorry Hayden :(  I will have to take some pics when I get up to see you in a few months.

My garlic is sprouting a few weeks early after a few spots of rain last week. I hope that does not matter but I can't really do anything about it anyway.
Looks like I will have to turn on the dripper lines for them now.

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