Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Multi corn and potato seedlings

With the weather cooling down now I am busy digging beds and sowing seeds. The days have been lovely to work in and I will now cut my watering to twice a week rather than every two days.
I got my water bills over the last few days and they were around what I was expecting so there were no surprises. The bill for the seed block was $1400 and I am glad I have already put that away. At least that gives me a good point to save for next summer.

The corn is nearly in. Most is dry but the sweet corn takes soooo long to dry down. I have the cobs drying on the slatted floor of the shearing shed on the property and I have been very worried about mice getting into it. I have noticed a little mouse activity but not much. Hopefully it will be all dry before the mice breed up.

I have noticed a few double cobs this year but when I saw this cob (on the left) I was amazed at the size. It revealed itself to be a record breaking (for me) five cob ear in a single husk.

Nearly all of my seedling grown potatoes from 'Toolangi Delight' have died down and here are some of the tubers from them. There are a mix of purple and white skinned tubers and most are yellow fleshed.
I have chosen three of the best producers to regrow and see what they do as full sized plants.
There are still three plants that have not died down yet so I don't know how well they have produced.

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